Urge Incontinence

Are you facing a frequent urgency to urinate involuntarily , or maybe having irritating nocturnal
cycles of urination and sometimes you may even fail to reach the toilet without leaking, then
perhaps you may have urge incontinence. This may be caused by the bladder contracting with
little or no warning which increases the bladder pressure thereby instilling an urge to urinate

Stress Incontinence

Have you ever been doing some physical activity perhaps exercising, and then voluntarily lost
some urine or when applying effort, coughing or sneezing , then you may have stress
incontinence. This may be caused by bladder neck mobility during the physical activity and also
due to bladder neck dysfunction i.e. sphincter muscle deficiency.

Mixed Incontinence

This type of urinary incontinence has symptoms which are a combination of those exhibited by
urge incontinence and stress incontinence this is because stress and urge usually occur together.
Though most of the patients with mixed incontinence are usually relieved of Urge incontinence
after treatment for Stress incontinence.

Overflow Incontinence

This is involuntary urine leaking which may be caused by urethral stricture disease and prostatic obstruction in men.

These diseases may be caused by poor diet, urinary tract infection (UTI)
/inflammation or poor bladder ductility therefore if you suspect you have overflow incontinence consult your physician to clarify and do further tests to assess the best method for treatment.